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Passwords & Logging In

What happens if I enter my password incorrectly?

You will have three (3) chances to enter your password before you will be locked out of Internet Banking. If this happens, please call our eBranch on 1300 263 263 during business hours to unlock your access.

What do I do if my password has expired or I've forgotten what it is?

Please phone our eBranch on 1300 263 263 and we'll be able to reset your password for you.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password whenever you like, simply:

To help your account stay secure, you'll be prompted to request and enter a Secure SMS Code.

I can't log in to Internet Banking

Give us a call on 1300 263 263 during our business hours and we'll be able to help.

Accounts and Funds

How do I set up a new account?

You can set up a new account by going to the Open New Account menu. Simply follow the prompts and your new account will be set up in no time.

How can I transfer money?

You can transfer funds between your own accounts and to other third party accounts within Australia, including accounts held at other Financial Institutions. Funds transfers can all be completed from the Funds Transfer menu.

To transfer between your own accounts

To transfer money between your own accounts, you only need to choose the ‘to' and ‘from' accounts, the payment amount and a lodgement reference. Once you click ‘Continue' you'll be asked to confirm the payment details before proceeding.

To transfer to other memberships within BOF and Summerland

When transferring funds to another BOF or Summerland member, you'll need to provide their Account Number , the first 3 letters of their surname, a lodgement reference and the desired amount. Once you click ‘Continue' you'll be asked to confirm the payment details before proceeding.

To transfer to accounts at other Financial Institutions

To transfer funds to an account held at another Financial Institution, you'll need to provide the payee's:

Once you click ‘Continue ' you'll be asked to confirm the payment details before proceeding.

Each time you transfer funds, internally or externally, you have the option of setting up a recurring payment. This payment will then be recorded under Auto Transfers .

Details of the payees will be saved for your convenience and will display as a list at the bottom of the screen the next time you want to make a payment. You have the option to remove unwanted payees from this list.

Click here for more information on transferring money.

Note: when transferring over $500 to an account you haven't transacted with previously, you'll be asked to enter a secure passcode to verify your transaction. This is to protect you against fraud.

How soon will funds arrive in accounts I transfer to?

If you've transferred funds to another account within BOF or Summerland, the transfer will be immediate.

If you've transferred funds to another Financial Institution and the payment was completed by 5pm on a business day, the funds will be received on the following business day. Payments completed after 5pm or on a non-business day, the funds will be received on the day after the next complete business day.

How much money can I transfer each day?

To help keep protect your funds, the total amount of money you can transfer daily is limited.

•  Internal Transfer limit (to your own or another BOF or Summerland member's account) is $50,000 per day

•  External Transfer limit (to other financial institutions) is $5,000 per day

If you'd like to raise your daily limit on a temporary or permanent basis, please call us on 1300 263 263 .

What if I have a lot of payments to make in one day that exceeds the daily limit?

In this case you can create a batch (see below) and process all the transactions as one payment.

What is Batch Processing and how can I use it?

Batch Processing allows you to make multiple deposits to third parties in one payment. This is useful for employers to pay their employees. For batches depositing into BOF or Summerland accounts, the accounts will be credited within minutes; for deposits to external Financial Institutions, the accounts will be credited the next business day (if the batch is posted before 5pm).

Click here for more information on how to make a batch payment

Can I pay off my credit card or other bills with Internet Banking?

Yes, you can easily make credit card payments or pay other bills with BPAY. On each bill or credit card statement you should find a Biller Code and Reference Number, which you will need to make the payment. You also have the option to pay the bill immediately, or future date it.

How do I stop or modify an auto transfer?

If you've set up an automatic transfer and wish to cancel or change it, you can do so from the Auto Transfers menu.

To delete an auto transfer, click the circular button to the left of the auto transfer you want to delete, and click the Delete button.

You can change the details of an auto transfer by clicking the circular button next to the auto transfer and clicking View/Modify .


Why does my Internet Banking session time out?

This is a security measure put in place to protect your privacy and information. You'll be logged out if your session is idle for too long . If this happens, you can simply log back in.

How secure is Internet Banking?

We use some of the most up-to-date security measures to protect your funds. New Internet Banking users are issues with one-time password they are required to change the first time they log in, which helps keep your password private and secure.

Each time you make a transaction over a certain amount or want to change personal details, you'll be issued with a security passcode sent straight to your phone that you'll need to enter before you can proceed – this helps to prevent fraudulent transfers on your account.

Each time you transfer funds you'll be emailed a notification of your transaction, so you'll be able to keep an eye on all account activity. You can also set up SMS Alerts to keep you notified on the go.

To help your account remain safe and secure, you can download our security tips

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Main Menu Help


Account balance

Where you'll find a list of all your accounts, including account numbers, the name of your account, current balance, and how much of your money is currently available.

If you'd like to look up a record of transactions on your accounts, check out Transaction List .

TIP: Hover over the account number to bring up the last 10 transactions on that account or click on your account number to go another transaction list.

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Open New Account

You can open a new account easily online. Simply choose the type of account you want to open and click “OK”.

For our full range of accounts, visit our saving and investing page

Transaction List

View all of your transactions during a specified date range (within the preceding 12 month period). You can view and print your transaction history online, or download it as a file.

Transaction history older than 12 months is available in eStatements.

Funds Transfer

Easily transfer money between your accounts, to other BOF or Summerland members' accounts, or to any other Financial Institution within Australia.

You can transfer funds immediately, schedule a transfer in advance, or set up a recurrent (auto) transfer.

Interest Earned

Keep an eye on how much interest your accounts are earning.

Please note that if you close an interest-earning account at any time during the financial year, the interest earned won't be included in your interest summary report. To calculate any interest on closed accounts, please contact us on 1300 263 263.

Auto Transfers

View or modify any auto transfers, ie recurring transactions, you have set up.

Payroll Details

View the direct credit suppliers for your accounts.

Batch Processing

Ideal for businesses, send out a batch of payments in one go, either one-off or recurring

TIP: You can also upload an electronic payment file from your accounting system to create a batch automatically


Request a Financial Institution cheque from any of your accounts


Pay your bills easily and securely online with BPay, or view a list of your previous billers. Bill payments can be made immediately, future-dated, or made recurring (auto transfer).

BPay View

A service that allows you to register to receive your bills online through Internet Banking.


Do away with paper and receive your statements online. Good for the environment, and easy for you.

You can quickly and easily look up past statements, search for a specific statement, and view any statement inserts (like our bi-annual newsletter), all from within Internet Banking.

SMS Alerts

Set up or modify alerts to keep track of your account balances with txts straight to your mobile.


Loan Redraw

Redraw any extra funds you've accumulated on your eligible mortgage.

If there is no account in the "From Account" drop down box shown above then you may not have a loan with an eligible online redraw facility. To discuss this matter, please contact one of our Loans staff at your nearest branch or call our eBranch on 1300 263 263.

Loan Application

Applying for a loan has never been easier – just click here to get started. You'll be guided through the application process, with helpful hints along the way. If at any stage you're unsure, feel free to give us a call.

Loan Status

Keep an eye on how your loan is progressing.

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Tools Help


Send Message

Send us a message through Internet Banking

Change Password

It's a good idea to regularly change your password. To ensure your password is as secure as possible, here are some guidelines:

  • Use at least 8 characters
  • Use at least 1 numeral or symbol
  • Use at least 1 capital letter
  • Don't use any family names or dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries, as these may be easy to guess

Loan Estimator

Estimate the weekly, fortnightly or monthly loan repayments for a loan

Start Up Page

Change the default page that appears when you first log into Internet Banking

Activate Card

Activate your new visa debit or Eftpos card

This may take up to 12 hours

Address Details

Change your address details

Contact Details

Change your contact phone number(s), fax number(s) or email address(es)

Personal Details

Change your personal details, such as residence, marital status, education or number of dependants

Employment Details

Change your current previous employer details

Manage eStatements

Update your eStatement details or deregister from eStatements

Secure SMS

Update your Secure SMS details or deregister from Secure SMS

VIP Security

Register, update or deregister from VIP Security

Mobile Preferences

Choose the accounts (up to 10) you wish to make active for transacting using Mobile Banking

User Preferences

Change your preferences for Internet Banking, including your preferred Debit Account

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